Don't use Astrill VPN

Don't use Astrill VPN

After switching to Surge from Astrill, I suddenly found years of slow network problem is actually the Astrill problem.

I am a developer, and very often I need to work with a private network, so I need a VPN not only can connect me with the world beyond the Great Wall, but also can split traffic to let me connect with private databases.

Comparing many VPNs, I thought Astrill worked perfectly for me, so I tolerate its raising prices, weird network problems("OpenWeb" mode stop to work), poor support service and disappearing tech team(they haven't updated their Mac version for a long time).

Until this week, its weird 'OpenWeb' problem came again, I was forced to try Surge VPN, guess what, Surge works perfectly with me.

Let me tell all the weird problems of Astrill:

  • Astill has a 'OpenWeb' mode, which can split traffic(what I need), but it would suddenly stop working, and the support team would only tell you to try another mode.
  • I can't connect to Google Play with Astrill
  • I can't receive Skype notifications while I can receive Skype messages with Astrill
  • Poor network, like a ghost hassles you

And the only thing Astrill do is raising the prices